The Internet is full of Cisco routers whose password is ‘cisco’

The Internet is full of Cisco routers whose password is ‘cisco’

This is a fair testament to the stupidity of certain parts of humanity. It makes little sense to spend considerable sums of money on expensive networking hardware for your crummy SOHO network – especially when one is clueless to the basics of the administration of these devices. Large botnets of ‘hacked’ (I use that word loosely) Cisco routers are scattered around the Internet and are used for DDoS attacks as well as other malicious activity.

I plea to the rouge elements of our species who were clearly dropped on their head at birth… please buy a book to help yourself become less clueless. Alternatively, consider trading in your pimpy network hardware for something with an idiot-proof web interface.


  1. From Twitter: ikr. I know someone that uses hacked cisco routers to botnet IRC networks. dronebl needs to get them all listed asap. :/

  2. Yup. People use them to botnet IRC networks. I know BOPM can scan insecure Ciscos, but how to make it work with ciscos with the password “password” and “cisco” cuz those are the 2 common ones.


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