Insurance comparison sites don’t show my current insurer… WHY?

Insurance comparison sites don’t show my current insurer… WHY?

So this was strange and irritating, to say the least. I did a prelim quote comparison, with everyones favourite meerkat, a few weeks back to see what my renewal was likely to come out at. I had to put in a birthday 1 week before my actual birthday as I wasn’t currently old enough for the quote to be representative of my years of holding a license. The quotes came out positively cheap with my current insurer. On entering my real details today, my current insurer (Elephant), nor any of their sister companies, showed up. I changed my birthday to 1 day either way and, as if by magic, my insurer and its sister companies showed up with the same reasonable quotes I got some weeks earlier.

I called Elephant and was given a renewal quote £226.84 above the online quote for someone just like me, except born one day before or after. I queried this and they confirmed that the online quote was indeed exactly what my quote was and agreed to lower the price whilst changing the birthday to my real birthday. Cheeky bastards.

Coincidentally, there’s a lot of job titles that I could fit into and I chop and change them every year to get the best quote. I’ve changed from a Computer Programmer to a Development Manager to a Software Engineer in 3 years. Software Engineer has a ring to it… perhaps I need a hard hat now. I may try to get the word “architect” in there next year… they’re a responsible bunch.


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