Fixed: Outlook 2016 not synchronizing Inbox from IMAP after upgrade from 2013

After upgrading from Outlook 2013 to 2016, I found that new e-mails were not being downloaded from IMAP into the inbox. Rather, they were only downloaded into sub folders.

To fix this, click File in the top left, click Account Settings and then click Account Settings again.

Now double click the e-mail account that is affected.

Click More Settings… in the bottom right.

Click the Advanced tab.

In the Root folder path box, type Inbox

Click OK to close the dialog

Click Next

Wait for it to test your settings and then click Close

Click Finish

Click Close

It’ll now refresh all your folders and your inbox e-mails will start to download

Fixed: Plex with Sonos – Unable to play – Unable to connect to Plex

This problem bugged me for a long time. I could list the contents of the Plex library in the Sonos app but whenever I tried to play a file, it errored with Unable to play – Unable to connect to Plex. It just doesn’t work.

The solution is NAT – specifically NAT reflection. You must enable Remote Access on your Plex and you must forward the port (usually TCP 32400) on your router. It is, however, a bit more complex than that. You also must be able to access Plex, on the public IP and port, from inside your network. This is called NAT reflection. For example, if your public IP were, you need to be able to access from a computer inside your network.

I will not attempt to try to describe how to enable NAT reflection on every router. I would imagine that some routers simply don’t support it at all.

In my case, I use pfSense. In pfSense, edit the port forward NAT rule and “Enable (Pure NAT)” for the NAT reflection setting. If this doesn’t work, as it doesn’t in my case, select Enable (NAT + Proxy) instead.

Make sure you can access in your web browser, where is your public IP. If you can, Sonos should work fine with Plex.

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