Life expectancy… WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!

So… I got bored. So did @sicoanimal. @allanjude did too. Also, it’s half way through the month and I’ve only blogged once.

Based on Google’s (stolen) life expectancy data we made a (piss poor) attempt to work out when we were going to die. I say that it was a piss poor attempt because it’s probably really inaccurate. Graphing the data suggests it had a near perfect polynomial, of power 2, trend. However, this gave a silly life expectancy (about 111 for me) and we felt that if we had more than 49 years’ of data to work with, it wouldn’t be polynomial. As such, I opted for the next closest – exponential.

A link to an Excel spreadsheet that calculates this is below. The data that is in the “CONFIG” bit is my age and UK mixed gender data taken from the above link. I should probably clarify that by “mixed gender”, I mean male and female combined – I sadly couldn’t find accurate statistics on the life expectancy of hermaphrodites.  Change the config to match your own data. Seems I’m going to die at the ripe old age of 96. Sounds good to me :)

Download the life expectancy calculation spreadsheet

If you’re currently thinking something along the lines of “OMfuckingG! This is so inaccurate”… you’re probably missing the point.

Here’s a graph of it, for shits ‘n’ giggles:

Life Expectancy Graph

Life Expectancy Graph