Using BE Unlimited with another modem

I’m canceling my BE contract and need to return the BE Box to them. I’m getting a VDSL2+ connection with an ADSL2+ backup, for which I needed a standard ADSL2+ modem for. Because it was going cheap on eBay, I went with the  D-Link DSL-320B. This is actually a really good modem in such that it has a decent web interface supporting many different types of connection as well as telnet access to a powerful command line to do things like static routes.

To configure a modem such as this on BE Unlimited, you need the following settings:

Type: 1483 Bridged IP LLC
VPI: 0
VCI: 101

Note that this is NOT PPPoATM or PPPoE and, as such, doesn’t require a username/password.

Following this, you can then assign your router your issued static IP address(es), or set its WAN interface to use DHCP, if you have a dynamic IP.

My DSL-320B reports the cable status as being “Up” but the ADSL status as being “disconnected”. I assume that this is because it has not dialed a connection. It works fine, despite this.

My sync rates with the new modem are about what they were before:

Downstream Line Rate (Kbps) :    17301
Upstream Line Rate (Kbps) :    2342

My results show higher upstream than before, however this may just be the way the cookie crumbled with the speed test:







  1. Oh dear.

  2. Haha. The way the cookie crumbles? Where’s my cookie? =P

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