JunOS error: In routing-instance default-switch interface ae3.0 has vlan and vxlan mixed which is not supported

You might see this error when using VXLAN on Juniper kit after you set an interface to be a member of “all” VLANs. This is because “all” includes VLAN 1. Per this documentation, you can’t actually use VLAN 1 with VXLAN but you must map it to a VNI. For example:

  1. /* You need to map VLAN 1 to a VNI else you can't use `vlan members all` on interfaces - DO NOT USE THIS VLAN */
  2. VLAN001 {
  3. vlan-id 1;
  4. vxlan {
  5. vni 1;
  6. }
  7. }

Set syntax is:

  1. set vlans VLAN001 vlan-id 1 vxlan vni 1
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