How to get a status update out of a running dd process on Linux

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With dd running in a terminal, open a new terminal to the server and send the USR1 signal to the dd process. You can either do this by looking up the process ID and doing:

kill -USR1 pid_here

Or use killall to send the signal to all dd processes:

killall -USR1 dd

You’ll see output similar to this in the terminal dd is running in:

45900+0 records in
45900+0 records out
752025600 bytes (752 MB) copied, 541.855 s, 1.4 MB/s


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  1. In FreeBSD, pressing control+t sends sigINFO and does the same thing. The OS returns 1 line detailing the processor info, state, memory info etc. Most applications also spit out a few lines of info. Very useful

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