How to configure the Obihai OBi110 for the United Kingdom PSTN

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The OBi110, as with most ATAs, comes configured for the US. For those of us on the other side of the pond, in the UK, it’s always a challenge to get ATAs to work. Here are the required settings for the OBi110 in the UK. They’ve been acquired collectively from a few sources but have been proven to work for inbound and outbound calls. Anything not mentioned should be left with the Default checkbox ticked.

Physical Interfaces -> PHONE Port:

  • Impedance: 370+(620||310 nF)
  • CallerIDMethod: FSK(V.23)
  • CallerIDTrigger: After Polarity Reversal
  • HookFlashTimeMin: 150

Physical Interfaces -> LINE Port:

  • RingDelay: 0 (don’t worry, caller ID still works if it’s enabled on your line)
  • RingProfile: B (the default B profile seems to work well in the UK)
  • CPCTimeThreshold: 90
  • DetectPolarityReversal: Unticked
  • SilenceTimeThreshold: 30
  • DisconnectTonePattern: 400-30;2
  • ACImpedance: 370+(620||310 nF)
  • OnHookSpeed: 3 ms (ETSI)
  • CurrentLimitingEnable: Ticked
  • CallerIDDetectMethod: FSK(V.23)
  • RingFrequencyMin: 10
  • RingThreshold: 13.50-16.50
  • RingIndicationDelayTime: 0
  • RingTimeout: 128

Tone Settings -> Tone Profile A:

  • Dial Tone: 350-18,440-18;20
  • Ringback Tone: 400-18,450-18;20;(.4+.2,.4+2)
  • Busy Tone: 400-18;20;(.375+.375)
  • Reorder Tone: 400-18;20


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