Obtaining SDWinPEx64.iso – HP WinMagic Decryption Tool

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This Windows pre-boot execution environment ISO can be used on encrypted HP drives to recover the data or fix the Windows install. You’ll need to know the decryption key or the encryption login password for a user on the machine.

SDWinPEx64.iso ordinarily needs to be obtained from HP support, but I’ve hosted a copy here for those who don’t have a valid support subscription. You can get it at https://phil.lavin.me.uk/downloads/SDWinPEx64.iso

There’s a decent guide here for fixing a corrupted BCD: http://tom.meinlschmidt.org/2015/06/16/bcd-boot-troubles-and-winmagic-encryption/


  1. Bless you. This has been happening quite frequently and end up doing a full recovery. This saved me tons of time!! Thanks!!!

    1. I don’t remember the exact details of the recovery process, to be honest… but I don’t actually recall that being required. I think we just booted the ISO and unlocked each partitions, then ran the normal Windows fix tools.

  2. Thanks Phil.
    Finally I was able to recover User Files after OS crashed with Secure Doc enabled on drive.

  3. I cannot say thank you enough to you for posting this. It really saved a lot of time for me. Please continue posting these kinds of help for users like me. Again many thanks and God Bless you!

  4. Hi all,
    When I used the WinPe, I can see the drive that is encrypted,but the bottom of “unlock” is unable. The status of the drive C is encrypted.
    Do you have any idea?
    thank you

  5. This worked for me: The boot partition was corrupt in some way and so I had a computer that is encrypted and not fixable. So, downloaded the utility as mentioned above. I could not get the qdir utility to do anything for me except show me the files…i.e. I didn’t see how to move them to a new drive. I ran the SD Recovery Plugin. I selected Crypto Status tab and below I selected the first slot and clicked -login. I did that for the next couple slots also, not knowing which was my real physical drive until after. You will notice one status is then different from the others. I then went back to File Browser window and the one drive that showed as empty before was now 450gb of a viewable file system tree. Not figuring out how to copy the files within the file brower gui, I opened a DOS cmd prompt and used xcopy to copy all needed folders to the new/clean install of Win7/drive. example c:\> md temp (enter -create place to send files)
    c:\> g: (enter) < xcopy users\mike\*.* c:\temp\mike /s/e
    —–and the same with the QBData folder, etc.
    once the files were on the new pc, I could move them to a proper location.
    ****The SDWinPEx64.iso was a life saver **** Thanks so much!

  6. You are a godsend. The preboot environment was not recognizing my external drive so I mapped a network drive with CMD and copied everything there. I was hoping to fix the windows install so I could clone this drive to an ssd but I was not able to turn off the encryption. At least I got the data off


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