Obtaining SDWinPEx64.iso – HP WinMagic Decryption Tool

This Windows pre-boot execution environment ISO can be used on encrypted HP drives to recover the data or fix the Windows install. You’ll need to know the decryption key or the encryption login password for a user on the machine.

SDWinPEx64.iso ordinarily needs to be obtained from HP support, but I’ve hosted a copy here for those who don’t have a valid support subscription. You can get it at http://phil.lavin.me.uk/downloads/SDWinPEx64.iso

There’s a decent guide here for fixing a corrupted BCD: http://tom.meinlschmidt.org/2015/06/16/bcd-boot-troubles-and-winmagic-encryption/


  1. The file doesn’t download

  2. Bless you. This has been happening quite frequently and end up doing a full recovery. This saved me tons of time!! Thanks!!!

  3. According to this: http://tom.meinlschmidt.org/2015/06/16/bcd-boot-troubles-and-winmagic-encryption/

    You also need somthing called “SDWmgRecovery package”. Can you please link to that as well?


  4. Hello. Is it possible that you upload SDWMGRecovery also? HP Support told me they do not know it… Many thanks.

    • I don’t remember the exact details of the recovery process, to be honest… but I don’t actually recall that being required. I think we just booted the ISO and unlocked each partitions, then ran the normal Windows fix tools.

  5. MooneShadow

    Thank you! This helped big time!

  6. Thanks Phil.
    Finally I was able to recover User Files after OS crashed with Secure Doc enabled on drive.

  7. I cannot say thank you enough to you for posting this. It really saved a lot of time for me. Please continue posting these kinds of help for users like me. Again many thanks and God Bless you!

  8. Hi all,
    When I used the WinPe, I can see the drive that is encrypted,but the bottom of “unlock” is unable. The status of the drive C is encrypted.
    Do you have any idea?
    thank you

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