Simple fix for low pressure or no water in electric showers – change the solenoid coil

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Firstly… don’t mistaken me for a shower expert, I’m really not – I just have a pretty crappy shower which I’ve taken apart a few times.

I have, for a while, had issues of getting up in the morning 20 mins before work starts and finding my shower doesn’t have any water coming out of it. This has usually been fixed by taking the cover off and wiggling stuff around a bit. Recently it’s been getting harder to fix (it’s taken more severe wiggling). I narrowed the problem down to the solenoidWikipedia: A solenoid (/ˈsoʊlənɔɪd/,[1] from the French solénoïde, a modern coinage based on Greek σωληνοειδής sōlēnoeidḗs, "pipe-shaped"[2]) is a type of electromagnet, the purpose of whic... valve which electrically controls whether or not water flows. I looked on shower spares sites for a new solenoid valve for my Triton AS2000XT shower and was fairly settled on buying a new shower as the valves were near £120.

I thought I’d have a quick check on eBay to see if I could get a new shower or a solenoid valve on the cheap. I stumbled across a posting for a solenoid coil claiming that this is the biggest cause of low pressure or water loss in showers and that replacing just the coil would normally fix this. As the coil was less than £10, I thought I’d take a punt on it. Handily, this paid off. It seems that the solenoid coil in a lot of showers is very similar and the fitting instructions are near enough the same. It’s probably best to ensure that your shower works with a particular coil before you buy it.

Here’s my shower…







To open it up, I removed 3 screws – 1 on the top of the case, one on the bottom of the case and one in the middle of the temperature dial. Before you take the temperature dial off, remember where it is pointing. I tend to turn it to “1” before removing it. When you put it back on, ensure it points to where it was originally or your temperatures will be out of wack.

Ensure the power is turned off before you open the shower! It’ll hurt. 







The solenoid coil is the brown thing in the bottom left of the picture. Remove the wires from it by simply pulling them off. They should just be slotted onto the spade connectors of the solenoid. This is a closeup of the disconnected solenoid coil.







Removing it is a little tricky. It pulls off towards you (away from the back of the shower). Get a screwdriver behind it and gently leaver it off. Once it’s off a little bit you can just wiggle/pull it off. Mine got stuck about 1/2 way down because of the winged plastic clip you can see in the photo. I applied pressure into the end of the clip to stop it from moving and wiggled/pulled the solenoid coil until it came off. The whole plastic rod that the solenoid coil slides onto seems a little flimsy so don’t apply too much pressure as you may end up snapping it off.







Once it’s off, you can just slide the new one on and re-attach the wires. I lubed up the rod a little with some shampoo to allow the new coil to slide on a little easier. WD40 works too. I also used a small hammer to gently tap it on so as not to have to wiggle it and risk snapping the plastic rod.






The shower sounds so much healthier after changing the coil and the water pressure seems boosted too. Hopefully it’ll eliminate my early morning lack of water problems completely. Not bad for £10 and a 15 minute DIY job.

Edit @ June 2016

I’ve just had to re-replace the coil that I fitted when writing this article as the water stopped again. Just over 4.5 years later – that’s not bad going. Image of the coil below. It’s looking thoroughly rusted. I don’t mind having to spend a few quid on a new coil every 4-5 years – it’s better than a new shower.

Broken Solenoid Coil
Broken Solenoid Coil







  1. Very strange. I’ve never seen a shower like that before.
    I turn on the water, and boom there is pressure and it is there.
    How is the water pressure in the rest of your house?

  2. Thanks for this,shower works for around six seven minutes then stops,after reading your article think it maybe solenoid coil,ordered new one fingers crossed

    Thanks very much, now im gonna have a long shower! p.s. got quoted £100 by 2 plumbers, thank god I tried this first!

  4. This is excellent advice !! It’s worked for us after having put it off for weeks thinking we would have to fork out for a new shower got this part for under £10 an shower is now working!!! 🙂

  5. Brilliant advice Phil cost me £11.00 from ebay….. Thought I was gonna have to buy new shower after some advice from a certified plumber. Thanks again.

  6. I have recently installed a Triton TRANCE Electric Shower it seems to be running ok,but I am little disappointed as I thought the pressure would be a little higher than it is,I have installed a 15mm isolation valve from the mains feed also 15mm could this be a factor in the pressure light being on?

    1. It could be a factor. Isolation valves will reduce the bore down to about 10mm in the middle. Worth replacing it with a standard coupling and seeing if that helps.

  7. Hey Phil,

    I have to say thank you so much for your post, just change my solenoid coil in my shower now.
    It’s working perfectly and all because you post this, otherwise I would be buying a new shower!!!

    Thanks again.

  8. The replacement of valve coil may have sence, when your voltage drops down below 230V in peak hours. For best results, fit a single shower booster pump, electric shower compatible

  9. Hello Phil.
    Our shower started playing up a few weeks ago with the same symptoms as yours……I managed to limp on with it for a while but pre empted it fully conking out, so sourced a new replacement solenoid from a brilliant local suppliers.The shower stopped again this morning mid shower… I fitted the new solenoid took 3 or 4 mins (thanks to your excellent instructions) and hey presto we seem to be good to go again.Thanks again for your excellent post….hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas….all the best for a Happy and healthy New Year !

  10. In July I fitted 8.5 kw triton shower in my bathroom on a second floor. We did not did not have any problems for 4 months but in November we had bit problem of shower sometimes getting hot and cold suddenly. I had 2 year manufacture guarantee by triton so called them out to see the problems.
    the engineer from triton came and check and told us that the problem is due to the low pressure. They now charged me £70 for the call out charge as they said it was not the faulty shower but low pressure. I than called Yorkshire water to check the pressure of water in the house. They came and checked the pressure at the first point and confirmed that the pressure is ok. Triton engineer came second time and he checked the pressure at the shower point and also at the same time running the water from the toilet sink and told us that the pressure is low at 2 bar and it is not the shower fault but pressure of water. I can not understand this problem as shower works perfectly well and pressure only falls when I use other devices as flushing toilet or use other taps at the same time. can you please help in this problems Mr Patel

  11. Replacement solenoid arrived in 2 days as promised, fitted and shower working again saving £100+ on a new shower, great service from this supplier, strongly recommend.

  12. Hey Phil,

    I have exactly the same shower (Triton Aqua Sensation AS200XT).
    I’ve looked on eBay (I searched Solenoid AS2000, first item found) but our manufacturer is not mentioned. It looks exactly like the one in the picture however, looks can be deceiving. Can you point me in the right direction please?

      1. Well I received and fitted my new solenoid coil – took just 10 minutes and was quite simple – however, it didn’t cure my issue (booooo).
        Looks like it’s a new shower for me (£129).


    1. Hi,

      Does anyone know how to change the solenoid coil on a Mira Sprint shower that is 2.5 years old.

      Many Thanks.

  13. Hey Phil,

    I have exactly the same shower as you (Triton Aqua Sensation AS2000XT) and have searched eBay for a replacement solenoid. I searched for Solenoid AS2000 and the top answer, though visually the same, does not mention our manufacturer.
    Can you point me in the right direction please?

  14. Hi Phil just came across ur blog,very informative. Would it be very difficult to change the manual temp valve when I am replacing the solenoid coil

    1. I couldn’t tell you for sure – I’ve never done it. From what I can see, it’s a fairly easy “slot in” replacement but you’ll need to shut the water off.

      You’ll also need to bleed the shower after you’ve done the replacement. Mine has a little cover secured with a single screw, just above the inlet pipes. Once the cover is off, wait until water flows freely. Then try to put it back on… without spraying water everywhere. See the picture below – I’ve drawn a box around it.

      Shower Bleed Cover

  15. Hi Phil,

    I also have a Triton Aqua Sensation AS2000XT it switches ob, runs hot & cold as it should but the water pressure is non-existent. Could this also be that solenoid valve that you speak of?

    Kind regards


      1. Hello, I have a triton T80si and the water flow cannot be switched off!!! Turning the electric off does not stop the water flow, is this a solenoid problem.

        1. I’d suggest that is likely to be the whole solenoid valve, rather than just the coil. The valve has likely gotten stuck open. If you try turning the shower on and off a few times, the valve might free up and close properly, thus stopping the water. A new coil might help as it could “pull” the valve open more strongly, allowing it to unstick and close again… but this is quite unlikely.

  16. Hiya I’ve got a triton aquatronic.I’ve been using for the lat few months with the main electric pull cord on as I can’t pull it to turn it off. So the electic indicator light has been on all the time. Then when I wanted a shower prested the white switch on the shower.

    Yesterday went to have a shower and nothing. No water coming out but electric indicator shows the orange light.

    Should I have left the shower with the dial towards 0 all this time (as the main pull cord switch didn’t work). And do you think I an repair the shower. Plumbers are so difficult to find as they only seem to want to do big jobs.

  17. Hi there, I got similar shower can anybody tells me if I need to to cut if off water completely (electric is a must)? My problem is that I live in a shared household and main water control for whole property is located in another flat.

    Many thanks

  18. What a relief it was to find this info – I have a triton as2000xt with the same problem.
    Followed some instructions and managed to get the solenoid three quarters off the stork then stuck or so it seemed no joy?
    I didn’t want to force anything or use too much pressure…. so a little wd40 on the stork and in the hole on the solenoid itself and a wiggle/pull and off it came! I was thinking how the hell am I going to remove the whole valve assembly which would of been a much bigger job I new solenoid should come in the post tomorrow and I’m confident I can re fit and re connect etc without too much trouble. Fingers crossed for tomorrow thanks guys

  19. Thanks — your webpage was super-useful, especially the part about being careful not to snap the rod. New solenoid fitting and working! I can have a shower again!!

  20. We’ve got a Triton Opal 3 Electric Shower and it’s not working due to LOW PRESSURE is there a fix for this, if so what do I need to do please ?

  21. I’ve got triton sensation press button makes noise as though tank is filling power goes off press button again water comes through then have to press button again for hot water stays on then just change solenoid no different

  22. Thanks for the tip. I really thought I would have to have a new shower but read this post and ordered a coil. It arrived very promptly from shower doctor. Seriously it was less than a 5 minute job, and job done, water flow restored. I fitted this to a galaxy 2000lx.

  23. I hoped this would work for me but it didn’t 🙁 I followed your excellent instructions and the flow is exactly the same (little more than a dribble now, when it used to be so powerful just weeks ago)
    Any other advice?
    Thank you

  24. Thanks Phil for this great fix, really is community service !

    My AS200XT would suddenly stop pumping water even though the pump was running – new
    solenoid off EBAY £11 and all hunky dory.
    Thanks again …

  25. Hi Phil,

    Thanks for the excellent fix. It worked for me but after a few days pressure dropped again but the solenoid valve seems ok, checked resistance. Trying to figure out what’s wrong now? Perhpas bleeding/switch?

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