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WordPress plugin: Wikipedia extract tooltip v1.1

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I have recently attended the Firefox school of code versioning and have learned that it’s cool to release code with a shiny new version number as often as possible. As such, version 1.1 of the Wikipedia extract tooltip plugin has been born.


  • Added APCWikipedia: Alternative PHP Cache is a free and open (PHP license) framework that caches the output of the PHP bytecode compiler in shared memory, thus reducing parsing and disk I/O overhead for later requests; and a shared memory cache for user data. For an app... caching. This checks if apc_fetch() and apc_store() exist so it’ll work if you don’t have APC however you should have APC else things will load slowly.
  • Added  a len parameter to the shortcode to set how many characters of the wikipedia extract are displayed in the tooltip before being cut off by an authoritative looking …
  • Added a para_skip parameter to the shortcode to set how many paragraphs to skip to get to the right paragraph of the wiki page
  • Added a label parameter to the shortcode to allow an alternative label


[wiki label=APC para_skip=1 len=250]Alternative PHP Cache[/wiki]


You can download version 1.1 here.

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